Hearts and Minds Media Ltd is an independent feature film development company.

Blenheim Media multi are an award winning independent Film Production company in the United Kingdom


Blenheim Films has been producing and distributing award winning feature films and television for over twenty years.

Blenheim Media multi are an award winning Post Production company in the United Kingdom

Post Production

Blenheim Media is a digital and audio post production house for cinema and broadcast media.


Blenheim Studios. 

An exciting new space coming soon.



Candida Brady

Multi-award winning screenwriter/producer/director/journalist Candida Brady has created award-winning programming and independent feature films for over twenty years.

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Titus Ogilvy

Titus Ogilvy has over 25 years experience in production in popular and specialist programming managing seven figure budgets and working on award winning shows at senior level.

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Tabitha Troughton

Tabitha Troughton is a freelance investigative, features and foreign affairs journalist. She has written for, among others, the Guardian/Observer/Sunday Times/Independent/Morning Star and the Spectator.

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Melloney Roffe

Producer Melloney Roffe began her career in the Film Industry working on ‘The Who’s last Tour of North America’.

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Erik Van der Schaft

Erik Van der Schaft has over 25 years experience on the business side of media and entertainment

Idanna Pucci

Idanna Pucci

Idanna Pucci is a writer and producer with decades of experience in film production.

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